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Gourmet Pizza Options

Specialty & Gourmet Pizza

Have you been wanting to spice up your pizza nights with something different? Sure, you could order something different but it’s called pizza night for a reason. Instead of ordering the traditional pepperoni or cheese, you want more from your slice. However, ordering a Hawaiian doesn’t seem right either. At times like these, you need some gourmet pizza options to add variety. Fortunately, Toarmina’s Pizza has some great options to choose from!

Chicken Bacon Ranch

Who says you need pizza sauce underneath the cheese to have a good pizza? The Chicken Bacon Ranch pizza is a delicious combination of grilled chicken and bacon topping on a bed of mozzarella cheese. However, instead of pizza sauce, the pizza has ranch dressing as its sauce. Not only does this pizza give you some unique toppings but sauce as well, making it the perfect change-up for your pizza night.

BLT Specialty Pizza

Do you like BLT sandwiches? Then why not try a BLT pizza? This dish has mozzarella cheese with bacon, lettuce, and tomato toppings. In addition, you get an extra topping of Miracle Whip to get that authentic BLT flavor! If you are looking for something familiar and different, this is the specialty pizza for you!

Steak and Cheese

Another common sandwich that works just as well on pizza. Any steak lover will want to take a bit out of this incredible gourmet pizza! This dish has a combination of mozzarella and American, giving a delicious blend of cheeses. The pizza is topped with steak, onions, and mushrooms. It is also covered in golden Italian dressing, giving it a rich taste.

Gourmet Pizza and More!Dill pickle pizza for limited time

These are just a few gourmet pizza options! Toarmina’s Pizza offers a variety of pizza offers for those that want something more traditional or unique. In fact, locations will often have limited-time pizza selections like the amazing dill pickle pizza to choose from. However, we offer more than just pizza! Our menu has other delicious food to try like our oven-baked subs, salads, chicken wings, and breads. Toarmina’s also offers a gluten-free pizza! Please contact or visit your local Toarmina’s Pizza and see what specialty or gourmet pizzas are available!

Pizza Party For Summer Parties

summer toarmina pizza party

Summer is now in full swing! Part of enjoying the summer is all the activities that come from it. Everyone is excited about pool parties, play dates, and other social events to come. Furthermore, graduation parties abound and the 4th of July is right around the corner. However, like always, planning for food, guests, and activities can make your party planning party stressful.  That’s why you should rely on Toarmina’s for your party food needs!

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Did You Know Toarmina’s Has Locations Outside of Metro Detroit?

Michigan's Best Pizza

For Toarmina’s Pizza, Metro Detroit is where everything started. Our first location opened in the Metro Detroit area in 1987. It is the original home of Toarmina’s famous 24-inch pizza. However, over the last couple of decades, our pizza shop has expanded to over 20 locations! While many of these locations are close to Detroit, there are other locations outside of the metro area. If you do not live in the Detroit area, here are a few locations that might be close to you!

Locations Outside of Metro Detroit

You might be wondering what areas are considered part of Detroit. When people talk about Metro Detroit, they are referring to the tri-county of area. This area includes Wayne County, Macomb County, and Oakland County. Due to the expansive area, the majority of our 25 locations fall into this tri-county area. However, there are Toarmina’s locations outside of the Metro area.

Ann Arbor

What is more iconic to late-night college nights than pizza? Fortunately, college students that are living in Ann Arbor can enjoy two different Toarmina’s locations. Both of these locations provide easy access for everyone in the community. In that regard, the University of Michigan students aren’t the only college students that enjoy our pizza.


Michigan State students can eat Michigan’s best-tasting pizza at our Lansing location. Right on Michigan Ave, residents of our state’s capital can enjoy our 24-inch pizza and other great menu options!


The City of Ypsilanti is not in the tri-county area, but it doesn’t mean that they have to forgo the best pizza! Right near Eastern Michigan University, college students can enjoy our top-tier pizza. In addition, we are the perfect stop for parents who want to feed their younger children. Our Ypsi location is right around the corner from an elementary school and a high school! The Ypsilanti location is also partnered with Hershey’s Ice Cream, giving customers an excellent selection of ice cream to have with their pizza!

All of our locations are unique, whether they are located in Metro Detroit, operate on the outskirts, or are located in the middle of the state. So wherever you are located or go to school check for a local Toarmina’s today!