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Sweet Treats at Toarmina’s Pizza

After eating pizza, sweet treats are always welcome. Pizza is the ideal party food, often being the meal of choice for birthday parties and other events. Without something sweet, it feels like something is missing. Fortunately, Toarmina’s Pizza has some awesome desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth!

Cinnamon bread

Cinnamon Bread – Yumm!

Who needs garlic bread when you have cinnamon bread? Bread is a common side to have with pizza. Most of the time, they are savory with cheese and garlic flavoring. However, cinnamon breadsticks add an extra bit of sweetness to your pizza! Our cinnamon bread takes our typical bread recipe and mixes in some cinnamon sugar. Furthermore, you are able to enjoy each bit with some icing. Just like our Cannoli, you can have this bread as a single serving or have multiple to share with friends.

Holy Cannoli!Toarmina cannoli sweet treats

Why not complement an Italian dish with an Italian dessert? The cannoli is a delicious dessert that comprises a pastry dough that is rolled into a tubular shape and fried. After being fried, the pastry is stuffed with cream cheese filling. Your sweet tooth is sure to satisfy with just one bite. You can order these desserts individually or by the dozen. That means you can either give yourself a special treat or share with the entire party!

Add some sweet treats to your pizza order at Toarmina’s today!

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Toarmina’s A La Carte Party Menu

Toarmina's A La Carte Party Menu

Ordering from Toarmina’s a la carte party menu can bring a fresh take on your average pizza party! However, sometimes having just a couple of pies can be boring. Even with the different topping options, some of your guests might be looking for something different or simple. Fortunately, Toarmina’s party menu provides a whole host of items that will cater to all of your guests. Don’t believe us? Here are some of the amazing options available on the a la carte menu!

A La Carte Pizza

When it comes to ordering party pizzas, Toarmina’s will never disappoint. Our a la carte menu features our famous 24″ party pizza, which can feed multiple guests! You can order multiple pizzas with different toppings to make sure everyone gets their favorite. However, if you aren’t interested in our 24″ pizza, you can order a Detroit Style Deep Dish Pizza! But why should you have to choose, you can always get both types of pizzas. What about your guests that are not fond of pizza or want something extra? Don’t worry, the party menu has so much more!

Party Sub Tray

Sub sandwiches are another popular party food that people love to eat. That is why Toarmina’s a la carte menu offers a tray of our delicious oven-baked sandwiches. You can have 20 five-inch subs to help satiate your guests that are more averse to pizza. You can choose from our various sub-options to create the best sandwich platter for your party!

Many Party Options

However, you are not limited to just pizza and a sub tray. The a la carte menu includes amazing options like:

  • Party Salads
  • Pasta
  • Party Bread
  • Wings
  • Desserts

You can also 2 liters of Pepsi products available to purchase. When it comes to supplying your next party, Toarmina’s party menu has everything you need and more! So, for your next party, call your local Toarmina’s Pizza!

Pizza The Alternative Holiday Food

Pizza The Alternative Holiday Food

Pizza has to be the best alternative holiday food. Pizza is always the best option during the busiest time of the year. Why? Well, there are a lot of reasons! That is why Toarmina’s going to explain why pizza is such a fantastic holiday food!

Easy To Serve

When it comes to the holidays, having food that is easy to serve is always a bonus. Whether you are at a party or shopping for holiday gifts, portable food is ideal. Something that you can grab and continue on to your regularly scheduled activities. For parties, guests can just tear a piece off and eat wherever they want. Furthermore, you can also prep servings ahead of time so people can just grab plates. It also helps that pizza is not messy, making it easier to consume.

Serve Multiple People

While having a personal-size pizza is great, pizza is made to serve multiple people. There is a reason why people get this beloved Italian dish for parties all year long. The holidays are no exception. During this season, people are going to large gatherings to celebrate the holidays!

Everyone Likes Pizza

The biggest reason why pizza is an amazing holiday food is that everyone likes it. Well, that’s a bit of a generalization but pizza is so customizable that it’s hard to argue with it. Adults and children are able to get whatever toppings they want. And even if someone doesn’t like pizza itself, the majority of pizzerias have other food options outside the beloved Italian dish! That means getting a pie is a safe option for holiday parties, even if it’s just a supplement to traditional holiday fare.

Supply Your Holiday Parties with Toarmina’s Pizza

Pizza is the ultimate alternative holiday food. That is why you should be ordering Toarmina’s pizza this holiday season. Toarmina’s is the home of the 24″ pizza, making idea for social gatherings! You can get such a large pizza for office parties and regular holiday events. Do some guests don’t like pizza? Don’t worry! Toarmina’s has an extensive menu that includes over-baked subs, salads, calzones, and so much more! Toarmina’s Pizza has locations in Taylor, Romulus, and other Michigan cities! So, order a warm pie today! Don’t forget to take advantage of our coupons as well!