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Toarmina Pizza in Westland

Are you looking for the best pizza in Westland? Order Toarmina’s at three nearby locations! 

Finding the perfect pizza can be a challenge. After all, it takes only one bad ingredient to ruin your pizza experience. We’re confident you’ll love the pizza we make! When you are ordering locally you have a lot of options, especially in Westland. But if you want the best pizza in Westland, there is only one clear choice. Fortunately, Toarmina’s Pizza has three great locations near you that can make the perfect pizza. No where else can you get a 24″ pizza built with the ingredients you want close enough to pick up, or get delivered to your door.

More Pizza Options

Toarmina’s Pizza prides itself on having a variety of pizza options for people to choose from. These locations have all the classic options and more. First of all, you can select the type of crust you want. Toarminas offers round, deep dish, and gluten-free crust options for any order. While you get your specialty pizza like Veggie, Hawaiian, or classic pepperoni and cheese, there is also a selection of gourmet pizzas. These include:

  • Steak and Cheese
  • Grilled Chicken
  • Chicken Bacon Ranch
  • Super Deluxe 
  • Meatfest
  • Buffalo Chicken

Furthermore, Toarminas offers limited-time pizzas like Hot Honey and Dill Pickle. With so many choices, its no wonder you can find the perfect pizza for you.

Great Pizza in Westland

No matter which part of Westland you live in, you always have a Toarmina’s nearby. You’ll find a store on Cherry Hill, Plymouth, and South Wayne roads. Getting fresh pizza from your local pizza shop cannot be any better.  So, order online for pizza delivery or pick-up at your local Toarmina’s today for great pizza and more!

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Toarmina’s Specialty Pizzas

Toarminas specialty pizzas

Toarmina’s Pizza has a variety of pizzas available for every occasion, from holidays to birthday parties! This includes our gourmet pizza selection and our unique limited-time options like our Sweet Heat Hot Honey Pizza. However, we also have our specialty pizzas available on the regular menu.

Specialty Pizzas Ready to Order

So, what type of specialty pizza does Toarmina’s locations have on their regular menu? Check out these four great pizzas!


Are you a vegetarian but want to enjoy pizza with some extra toppings? Instead of having just a plain cheese pizza, you can get a variety of delicious vegetables with each bite! The Veggie pizza is made with mozzarella cheese and topped with mushrooms, black olives, green peppers, and onions. This is the perfect option for vegetable lovers.


Do you want a regular pizza that goes above and beyond? Toarmina’s Deluxe Pizza is made out of 100% real mozzarella cheese with margarita pepperoni, ham, mushrooms, green pepper, and onions. Instead of your regular pepperoni pizza, you can order a pizza that has so much more!


The Mediterranean pizza brings the taste of the Greek Isles to your taste buds. Unlike our other pizzas, we blend mozzarella and feta cheese! In addition to the feta cheese, the pizza is topped with tomatoes, onions, black olives, and pepper rings.


Who doesn’t like pineapple on pizza? Well, some people don’t but if you like pineapple then you should taste our Hawaiian pizza. The pizza is made with delicious mozzarella cheese before adding ham, bacon, and pineapple.

You can order all these pizzas as a round, deep dish, or gluten-free! In addition, select from a wide range of sizes as well. Please check out our menu to see all the options available for you to order. Suggestions? Visit our FaceBook page and leave us a message!

Get Your Pickle Pizza at Toarmina’s Pizza

Pickle PizzaSometimes, regular pizza flavors get boring. Maybe you want pizza but want to try something new or different from your usual pepperoni pizza order. Or perhaps you’re just in an adventurous mood and you want to explore new flavors. Either way, Toarmina’s has the perfect pizza for you. Our stores are now serving pickle pizzas! Visit one of our Toarmina’s locations today to get yours! Also, join our mailing list to stay up to date on our best deals and specialty pizzas. 

Why Choose a Pickle Pizza from Toarmina’s Pizza?

Whether you are a fan of pickles or not, you should try our pickle pizza! Pickles on pizza might sound appalling at first, maybe even gross. However, the flavor is nowhere near as shocking. Our pickle pizza has cheese and pickles covering a delicious white garlic sauce and a crispy crust. It has a slight pickle flavor but the pickles do not overpower the taste of the cheese or sauce. The pickles offer additional tanginess that marries all of the flavors together.

If pickles aren’t your thing, we have other specialty pizzas as well. Whether you want a light veggie option or a filling super deluxe pizza, we have many options for you to choose from. We also have unique flavors such as BLT, buffalo chicken, and steak and cheese pizzas! No matter what flavor profile you’re looking for, we have options for you. Check out our menu and visit your local Toarmina’s today to get your favorite pizza today.

Don’t forget to pair your favorite pizza with one of our tasty salads! We also have subs, bread, calzones, and wings. Contact us today to see what we can provide for you.