The Big 24 Inch Pizza!

24 Inch Pizza

Looking for a meal for the whole family? Toarmina’s Pizza has you covered. Order the 24-inch pizza today! Just one of our huge pizzas can feed the whole family.

When we say “BIG” we mean giant, huge, enormous, gargantuan! We’re sure there are more acronyms, but you get the point. Each slice is a foot long (geometry right), with a mountain of cheese and the freshest toppings. One-third of this beast is equal to many of our competitor’s large pizzas!

Size is great but to be honest, being so big, can present its own challenges. Like eating pizza for dinner, then breakfast and lunch (but who doesn’t do that?). The amazing thing is the taste! We may be a little biased, but our 24-inch monster is the best pizza in Michigan. With some things, less is more, but with Toarmina’s 24-inch pizza, well, more is better!

Speaking of more, Toarmina’s Pizza has locations all over Michigan, so we are never far away. Order your 24″ pizza today!