Gift Certificate Books: Toarmina’s Pizza will produce books with free offers for you to sell at $5.00 per book. These books usually include Free Video Rental and Free Pizza. The face value of the books are always significantly larger than the $5.00 sale price. We charge your group $2.00 per book. Girl with Toarminas Pizza

Gift Certificates: We’ll sell your group $10.00 gift certificates at $8.00 each. This is a great idea for school stores around Christmas.

Monday Madness: We’ll have a day for your group at your local Toarmina’s Pizza. A percentage of all Pizza sales that day from your group supporters will be donated to your cause. This is a huge fund-raiser for groups with large numbers.

Baby with Toarminas PizzaPizza Day: We’ll give you Pizza certificates to sell for $5.00 each. The Pizza will be delivered on a designated day to the home of the purchaser. An additional $2.00 delivery charge per Pizza will be charged at the door. Your group keeps the whole $5.00

Official Pizzeria: We’ll give you an unlimited supply of Pledge Cards. Anytime anyone redeems a card from your group while ordering a Pizza, we’ll donate $1.00 to your cause. This works best when your members receive rewards for distributing the most cards.

Principals Day: With any of the above fund-raisers, give your members extra incentive by having the Grand Prize for the most sales be the Principal (coach, minister, teacher, etc.) making a Pizza for the winners. We’ll donate a few Pies and the Principal will come into the store and prepare them. Kids get a huge kick out of this as you can imagine.